Meet Abdullah Hakmi

An Engineer who has always dreamt about renewable energy and applying it in his home country - Syria.

How much does a dream cost? Mine is $400 a month.
— Abdullah

The Foundation

After scoring 242/260 in high school, I entered the Department of Electrical Engineering at Al Baath University in 2008. Al Baath University is located in the middle of my home town Homs. In the spring of 2011, the revolution started in Homs - which is now referred to as the capital of the revolution. Even after all the circumstances that I’ve faced - losing my home, friends and family members - I was continually forced to move around inside the city; messing up any opportunity to study.

Despite this, I kept at it and graduated in 2013 as one of the top ten students. Through actively leading class discussions, my passion and persistence gained me acceptance in the same university in the Solar Energy Department. It was a dream come true. With this opportunity, we were able to study and install mechanical street bumps to create energy from the friction of passing cars. Unfortunately, the war started and safety became a greater priority, especially after losing all chances to start any project.

The Foreign 

Turkey was the next step. Now I need your help to continue to pursue my dream. Integrating with Turkish society has been another struggle, but one that has been worth the investment. After three months of living in a new country, I needed to have an income. This many was not only to help support myself, but to send some back home to my family in Syria. I found a job as a blue collar labourer in a workshop for public fountains. I had to weld, lift heavy metals and other sorts of labour in the factory. I have been blessed with work as a salesman lighting company, which has pushed me to advance my Turkish. Without these steps on the path I would not be here and have this wonderful opportunity to continue my studies in Izmir.

Even with such hard living and working conditions, I could always find a way to support my family financially. Thank God for my English fluency which provided me a job in a real estate company - working in English and Arabic. I worked in the real estate business for more than a year, before I found my current job. I was a member of the international sales team. At the same time I was really active in an NGO called Small Projects Istanbul. I was a part of the translation team, the language center and supporting the children.

I also volunteered in the Netherlands institute in Istanbul and Maya Vakfi in the translating services. However, I am the happiest about organizing a women’s basketball team by cooperating with Small Projects Istanbul and the Fener Institute.

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The Future

Now I want to pursue my dream and study renewable energy and your help means a lot to vivid a young dream.

The Izmir High Technology Institute has awarded me a scholarship at the Energy Department to study renewable energy. The scholarship includes free Turkish courses until September 2018, which is when the core courses start for the school year. After completing this course, I will then spend a year working for a thesis.

The scholarship includes everything like books, tuition, etc… I just need your help to cover living costs. This is only $400 a month - $4800 for the first year.