Hand for Houston

Downtown Houton - taken by Dailynous

Downtown Houton - taken by Dailynous

When it rains it pours...

No body really plans for disasters like what we have just witnessed in Houston: the sheer scale of destruction, displaced people, lack of food, water and resources and an over powering sense of helplessness. 

We have seen this all too many times, whether natural or human, these disasters take an outpouring from the community to recover. This is where we can all help. 

Though The Genesus Foundation works more specifically with refugees in the Middle East, we saw a great opportunity to help those seeking refuge from the storm that hit closer to home. 

Thanks to the generous donations of local business owners, we are sending a full 18-wheeled semi-trailer to deliver needed goods to communities in Houston. We did not want to presume the needs, so have been working tirelessly with contacts on the ground to ensure that we can serve their need the best. So far the suggestions are for reconstruction material as most of the immediate healthcare, food, water and basic shelter are stabilised. 

These are Jason's photos of the immediate aftermath.

No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another
— Charles Dickens

You helped a truck load...

Thank you to all those that donated time, money and supplies. Thanks to Joe on the forklift we were able to fit all the supplies with only one foot of the 53' trailer left. Thanks to the generous support we were able to fill the semi with 15 beds w/ frames, over 15,000sq. ft. of drywall (with mud, screws and tape to install), 8 pallets of insulation, a couple of pallets of clothes, bedding and water and so many other donations. 

The Semi left on Tuesday, September the 26th from Frankfort, IL. With a few of Gerry's CDs and Jim's classic lunchbox and thermos, Jim Jonker and Gerry Hamstra set out early tuesday morning. Thankfully they made it safely and were able to unload all the material at a staging point. Over the next few months Rick and Jason will be pulling supplies from the stock as they work throughout Houston. 

Thank you for your generosity. We can assure you of the love, joy and thanks from Jason, Mindy and so many others on the ground who have been blessed - not just physically - but emotionally as well.

These are more photos from Jason and Mindy showing how much work is still needed. 

It’s not the beauty of the building that one should look at; it is the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time
— David Allen Coe

Nothing stopping us here...

We have been in close contact with Jason in Houston and the effort that has been put forth from the tireless volunteers is such a blessing. So many have reached out to the community to rebuild houses. Unfortunately, the state of Texas is in short supply of drywall and insulation. Several communities have reached out to ask for building supplies to rebuild. We are working in close coordination with builders and suppliers in Chicago as well as locals in Houston to fill the specific needs.

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.
— Seneca