Aws Kareem: A Case for Canada

Over the last few months, I have met few people as active within the refugee community as Aws. Despite his heavy school schedule and caring for his family, he manages to find time to volunteer at SPI and Humanwire to find finances for struggling families. Aws is one of the most promising young men I have met - across the world. He claims that it is an Iraqi thing, but I believe it is more a deep curiosity within him that keeps his nose deep in a book and his mind in the clouds. 

I think the most interesting, and best description of his personality, is how he learnt his almost flawless english from chatting with American soldiers. His openness to the soldiers and some of the culture they brought - particularly the music - has gotten him in a lot of trouble. This hasn't proken his stride in the least, if anything it strengthens his resolve. An idealist to say the least, Aws is a very vocal man who does not back down from what he knows to be right. 

Because of Aws' background, process and potential, Genesus is working with a Canadian church to get group sponsorship and refugee status. We will start a fund raising campaign shortly, but are now working out the details of the documents. We are very excited to have the opportunity to change some one's life so profoundly, and could not be happier that it is Aws Kareem.