Your support is empowering.

To those affected by the estrangement of being displaced; feeling the warmth of community spreads cheer and hope. Whether you desire to support the redevelopment of these communities financially or with something as simple as a post-card, your effort to reach out a hand can lessen their struggle. 

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, as strong as a company may be alone, it’s our partnerships that ground us, give us context, inspire some of our best ideas and bring the biggest financial opportunities.
— Dan Schoenbaum

Join the community

There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate yourself. Build a community with the displaced. Join now and make an impact!


You have the opportunity to impact the lives of individuals and families devastated by poverty. It’s through your generosity that we create such powerful change.


For some inspiration, consider these:

  • You can feed a family for two weeks: 25USD
  • Invest in infrastructure for a continued impact: 50USD
  • Support Genesus in our commitment of daily support for a lifetime of progress: 100USD

We appreciate all donations and would like to encourage you to specify which service or project you would like to support. If you would like to sustain the work on a regular basis, please subscribe to make this recurring.