We know that in every community, there are individuals with untapped potential ready to make their community a better place.

The plight of the working poor is so elemental and human it takes little more than motivation and effort to change. The Genesus Foundation works alongside community leaders that are making an impact on the world around them but lack the necessities to further their work. By building relationships and providing assistance in the ways that best fit each need, we can empower a community to make progress towards a brighter future.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest
— Benjamin Franklin

Keeping the grander struggles in mind, we focus on three practical solutions to daily issues. 

  • Connect - The first stages of any service is to connect with those in need. Through coordination with other NGOs, Genesus seeks out at-risk individuals to provide basic humanitarian assistance: food, clothing, help with shelter and general physical security. At the same time we listen to understand their situation and begin planning for long term solutions.

  • Build - Once the physicality of the situation has been stabilised, the next step is to remove larger obstacles that prevent sustained stability and growth. In this stage we use small capital investments in assets that advance further opportunities. This may come in the form of a washing machine that allows a mother to work outside of the home; a telephone to connect to organisations or be contacted by potential employers; or even small investments in infrastructure for entrepreneurs. 

  • Mentor - Through the Connect and Build stages we guide refugees in their search for opportunities. While some of the immediate problems are removed and solutions are found, it is more important that people learn how to analyse and understand growth. Genesus' unique service is to create and incubate micro businesses. In particular we seek to give them the tools to maximise any situation for continued positive growth - ultimately aimed at bringing the refugees back into regular life with access to formal services, stable and growing employment opportunities and the knowledge to react wisely to future problems. 
See the world as it is; strive to make it as it should be.
— Matshona Dhliwayo

What we've achieved so far:

  • Started a cleaning company that regularly employs several refugees.
  • Developed commission based sales team to circulate funds within the larger community.
  • Developed strategic plan and implementation procedures for NGO livelihood programs.  
  • Consulted on operations and directed international sales for a collective of Syrian women that produces earrings.
  • Consulted small ventures, teaching the basics of finances, organisation, sales and marketing.
  • Participated in self funded communities that encourage savings and financial planning for those excluded from formal banking.
  • Provided essential food to dozens of families during winter storms.
  • Organised donations of clothes and shoes for the worst affected families.
  • Coordinated with other organisations as a case worker to support at risk children and families. 
  • Worked with human rights lawyers to interview and compile information on refugee workers - specifically child factory labour.
  • Found Canadian partners to relocate an Iraqi family to Southern Ontario.
  • Sponsored a Syrian man's legal registration and further application for family reunification. 
The worst kind of poverty is the poverty of vision.
— Onyi Anyado

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